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Deborah Downing

From the great state of Minnesota, I started out in Nursing! I thawed out and arrived in Florida in 1984.  With small town values and a deep set of work ethics, I became involved in Real Estate in Minnesota and introduced to new construction of homes. This gave me the backbone for the business of Real Estate.

In 1984, after the "great thaw" and my move to Florida, Illustrated Properties acquired Investment Equity and I went to work with them! I remain faithful to such a good corporation with a wealth of knowledge that made it never tiring, as things and my life made a constant change.

I have raised two boys during that time. Now, they are grown, I can switch my time to something I am very passionate about and that is doing volunteer work for Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic, In Jupiter Florida. Most of the time, I spend with Furry Friends, is fund raising along with adoptions. I have four dogs.

My desire is to help you with all your Real Estate needs, and that is genuine! If I cannot do something that a client desires, then there is an army of Realtors with specializations in the Russo Group and Illustrated Properties that an come to your aid! We work as a team.

I will work as diligently and expeditiously as I can for you. The motion of buying or selling a house can be arduous without a professional. The average person will probably move at least three times during their lives. I am here to make it easier for you as well as your family and friends.

This is my promise to you.